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Drug use is on the rise, especially in adolescents and teenagers.  Many parents and caregivers are turning to private services to either confirm the presence of drugs or be 100% positive that no drugs are stored in their home.  Assurance K9 Detection LLC is not Law Enforcement or affiliated with any kind of government agency.  We are a private entity providing discreet and confidential detection services to parents that just need answers.  We DO NOT search people or personal property found on person.  We DO NOT touch any drugs if found.  We DO NOT dispose of any drugs if found.  We will simply let you know what area our certified canine is alerting on and we leave it up to your discretion on the next steps to take.

Initial Arrival

An Assurance K9 team will arrive in an unmarked vehicle and wear casual clothes to ensure privacy.  We ask that all animals in the household be placed in a kennel prior to the arrival of the K9 team for safety purposes.  Prior to the beginning of the search, parent(s) must sign a service agreement that lays down the general provisions and details of the service being provided.  One parent must accompany the K9 team during the search.  

The search

The K9 team may search any area in the home including, but not limited to, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, vehicles and perimeter searches around home.  Be mindful that kids can be very creative in concealing drugs.  The use of “stash cans”  that imitate every day objects may conceal contraband in plain view.  They may also go to the extent of hiding drugs within electrical outlets as well.  Our canine will ensure that she searches all productive areas.  If the canine encounters any odor that she is certified on, she will respond with a non-aggressive, passive response (sit/stare).  Assurance K9 Detection LLC is not required to report any findings to Law Enforcement.  Again, K9 handlers are not allowed to take any of the drugs with them under any circumstance.  The parent(s) may handle/dispose of drugs and figure out the next step to help their child in the steps of recovery.

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