School Services

Public and Private Schools
The Why
Detection and deterrence dogs represent an effective, reliable, and least intrusive means to ensure a healthy, safe, and orderly learning environments for our children. Assurance K9 Detection can provide schools with the assurance that narcotics hidden on their property may be quickly and safely located. This affords the school the opportunity to address it immediately, and allows school administrators to decide how to best handle the results in compliance with the school drug policy. The searches will always be confidential. Assurance K9 Detection has no legal authority to confiscate the drugs found or relay any information to law enforcement. We are not associated with any form of law enforcement or government entity. The daily or random presence of a dog can be an extra layer of security and a deterrent for your school. It is all about preventative deterrence. Searches will never be on a set schedule and the date of the search will not be revealed to students. Dogs can either validate the presence of a problem or deter anyone who wants to introduce contraband onto your school property. There needs to be a delicate balance in creating a safe environment without diminishing educative effectiveness. The concern should not be that your school has a drug problem, but rather eliminating the potential threat of drug use/drug dealing issues on school property. It is best to think of it as being proactive rather than reactive and waiting for a problem to arise.
The search

Common and public areas that may be searched on school property:
-Break Rooms
-School Grounds
-Vehicles parked on school property
K9 Demonstration and Information Hour for Student Body
Assurance K9 Detection will also be available to conduct presentations for the student body. This shows both K9 team capabilities and teaches students how difficult it is to keep dogs from finding illegal drugs and introducing contraband onto school property. I will speak about my K9 work experience and provide a short demo showing faculty and students the capabilities of the Assurance K9 Team. There will also be a question and answer session with the students at the end. Our mission is to provide both students and faculty a clear understanding of why we are in their school. This is not a show of force, but rather the opportunity to show your students that there is no place for drugs in your school and adding an extra layer of deterrence for potential threats. Now is the time.
$500 per school. It doesn’t matter how large or small your school may be; Assurance K9 Detection will provide searches inside and outside your school property. In addition to being a physical deterrent to your school and force multiplier to security you already have in place.

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